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MSCRA is a catalyst for change. Find out more about the ground-breaking new racing series for new and existing drivers and why we think it is a game changer.

A lesser talked about fact of motorsports is driver teaching and learning.  When a driver makes it to the highest levels of racing, the chances are they will put on their learning and teaching hat at some point. MSCRA drivers are no exception and series promoters will work hard to ensure learning opportunities exist. 

Instructing will be a part of our commitment to driver support and private coaching will also be available. For new drivers, hiring a coach is a luxury beyond their means. Coaching costs money, and most do not race from a wealthy background. Consequently, drivers are left to teach themselves. Whether qualifying, or racing, the youngest or eldest we will provide on and off track support. Information supports better competition and increased driver safety. We will strive to make racing safe and exciting.


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